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more and more this week, mdias are the enlvement by the forces of the syrian scurit amina arraf blogger, which occurred monday in the street, damascus, syria.

a note on his blog, « gay girl in damascus (damascus, a lesbian, she signed. ismail, who was present, as his cousin, said his enlvement. global voices in excerpted in french.

the new wave of sympathy dclench against the blogger. on twitter, the word and freeamina was launched a facebook page, and the more than 12000 rclamant libration. a ptition online to librer was approximately 25000 signatures.

however, in the course of the dernires hours, serious questions about his identity to be made started. npr’s andy carvin is a journalist on twitter, including demand, if someone had dj met amina arraf in person. it is not strange to have received a positive response. mr. carvin says another blog is apparently maintained by amina arraf, in which she said mlanger vrit and fiction, without distinction. the bagaria, who lives in montral, subsequently affirmed by the new york times that she had been with the blogger by email or chat rooms.

different mdias with amina arraf interview, as blogpost and cnn have e-mail, with.

finally, according to the wall street journal and journalist robert mackey of the goal, is arraf amina, photo, you can see in this that the ticket is in fact one of lecic london, jelena. this picture was in the rclamant libration of arraf’s facebook page. she did get in, as well as all the other photos that reprsentaient. you don’t find that design and artistic expression.

facebook has launched. on tuesday, a facial recognition system.

this technology makes it possible to identify people who are in the photos uploaded to the website of rseautage. facebook is a scan your photos and you suggre to put a name on the faces of people who are, on the basis of identification are dj and wer bracelet swarovski e done manually. according to facebook bracelet swarovski , the function has the advantage o bracelet swarovski f identifying the people more quickly.

this system is introduced in the united states began in december last year. in a ticket. in his blog yesterday, facebook has indicated that the function is now available in most countries. however, it is not available for all of canada (this is not the case for me and a few fellow, what your?) .

the problem, as with many new fonctionnalits of facebook is that it is the default system services. the users have the opportunity to dsactiver function, but many criticized the way to, and believe that facebook would not be, in the first place, the choice to accept it or not.

the bbc is reporting that facebook has made bracelet swarovski an apology. according to a spokesman, the site should have better inform users about the launch of this new service.

the board mashable indicates that the european union has opened an investigation into this new function.

this is not the first time that facebook is the finger to show paramtres default issues. in september 2010, the commission for the protection of the private life of canada, jennifer stoddart, welcomed the changes flow through facebook, while noting that there is still room for the improvement.

for dsactiver facial recognition

in his note of blog, facebook prcise how to dsactiver facial recognition.

from the menu, choose customize paramtres guidelines and paramtres. in the section that others share suggrer dsactiver photos of me and my friends (suggest photos of me to friends.

a teacher) has established a web site to educate young people about the risks of texting while driving.

your hard disk is not a cloud

libration focuses on the momentum of the cloud computing.

the perfect equipment for hire hipster.

while technology companies are the company, dveloppeurs hipster, sls, a pair of big, blue jeans, and other troits, calling for their employees to perfect examples.

an image of an image of the past

this blog is abyme pictures of the pass with others in the present.

high corve: a guide for bnvole

« publishing a new version of its species bnvole guide, in view of the large corves 11, 12 and 18 june 19.

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