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‘I’ve given up bracelet swarovski hope of ever finding a better one,’ she ad bracelet swarovski ds.Ms Lichterman’s friends and family have also gifted her bags over the years.And when she worked at Macy’s in New York many of her colleagues would feed her addiction.Feast for the eyes: Ms Lichterman says she loves this design from the New York cake shop Serendipity and the character ‘seems to be a tribute to the Queen of Sweets herself, Marie Antoinette’Sense of humor: ‘It may not be the snazziest bag in the collection, but I still love,’ Ms Lichterman bracelet swarovski says of this dry cleaning bag from the EightiesHowever, some were less obliging and one of the ‘snooty Chanel girls’ threw a look of disgust when she asked for a special edition Christmas bag w bracelet swarovski ithout purchasing an item.Explaining the impetus behind her museum,she said: ‘This is essentially a celebration of things that were notonly not meant to be celebrated, but were actually meant to be trashed.’I started the museum because I was drawn to the idea of appreciating the beauty in something so trivial.’accrocheuse: cette 2011 sac venait de la populaire katsuya de los angeles, conçu par philippe starck, mme lichterman dit qu’elle aime la conception simple mais Ă©lĂ©gant